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Kevin OLeary

Kevin O’Leary Loves BarterPay!

Kevin O’Leary, aka ‘Mr. Wonderful’, business guru & TV star on Shark Tank, talks about how he loves BarterPay! 

An Insane Barter Deal


See how our Founder & CEO bartered his way to a meeting with GaryVee!  It is truly an inspirational story of creativity & strategy combined with persistence & execution.  

BarterPay It Forward


Already, the BarterPay It Forward Foundation has donated over $1.5 million to charities across Canada!  We can't wait to see how much more we can give back to local communities! Trading makes a difference!

We have been a BarterPay member since 1996. We have used many services and suppliers for business, personal and home improvement. Chiropractic, vision and general health concerns stand out. Improvements to our home include a roof, ceramic tiles throughout, and renovations for wheel chair accessibility as well as windows, doors and inside shutters. We had excellent yard work last summer. I bought a car for the business which served well for several years, as well as business cards, and advertising and gift certificates to give to passengers arriving home from trips.

-David E. Tanner - Dream Time Limousine (Joined 1996)

BarterPay is a Caring Company!


The Caring Company program is Canada’s premier public expression of recognition
in leadership and excellence in community investment. 



BarterPay works for every business, but not every business owner makes BarterPay work!

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