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My Story

As a Moose Jaw lifer, I want to see our city grow and our economy flourish.  In learning about barter through my own business, I know that bartering properly can help local businesses conserve cash and be more successful.

How BarterPay Works

BarterPay helps business owners get what they need without using money AND helps them get full value for their slow-moving inventory & spare capacity. This makes you, the owner, more money.

Who Can I Trade With

Our launch date was June 1 2016, with just over 10 local members joining during the pre-launch meeting.  Along with over 2,500 members across Canada, we have access to over 200 members in Regina and another 200 members in Saskatoon. 

Connect with Us

BarterPay Moose Jaw

28 Wellington Drive
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan S6K 1A3

Franchise Owner

Matt Hetherington
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