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BarterPay Moose Jaw Story

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Moose Jaw was originally going to just be part of a Southern Saskatchewan BarterPay franchise centered out of Regina.  However, despite his rapid growth within the Regina market, the franchise owner, Dan Benesh, was finding it difficult to give Moose Jaw the dedicated support that it needed in order to grow.  When Matt Hetherington gave Dan a call to see about joining the network to promote his hydroseeding business, Dan let him know that it would probably be better to wait a year or two until he could get out to Moose Jaw and start building into a local Account Executive/Manager for the area.  

Matt had a better idea.  Seeing the potential for growth in the local area and a strong desire to help the Moose Jaw business community, Matt asked Dan about acquiring the rights to the area.  After a couple months of negotiation the two settled on a price, training and launch plan that would transfer the west part of Southern Saskatchewan to Matt.   

According to Matt, "The opportunity for Moose Jaw businesses to be able to leverage barter to get new customers from the Regina market is going to be fantastic for the local economy."

Through multiple conference calls and one-on-one interactions, John Porter, Founder and CEO of BarterPay Inc., shared Dan's enthusiasm for bringing Matt on board to own and operate the Moose Jaw franchise.  Matt's background as an accountant (CPA, CMA) and as a business owner gives him the insight to be able to provide valuable consulting to local businesses, especially in how barter can play a key role in increasing revenue and reducing costs. 

Matt was born and raised in Moose Jaw and is raising his own family in the community.