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David Mollica

David Mollica




A BarterPay broker since March 2015, I was attracted by the positive reputation, and prestige of BarterPay, as well as my passion for the world of business and marketing.  I think that bartering is an amazing opportunity for any business as it allows a company to grow by reducing costs and capitalizing on cash flow.  Bartering can also increase a company's customer and sales network and it makes some tools more accessible (e.g. advertising) that would otherwise be difficult to come by in the cash world.  I love serving my clients, and providing new and efficient solutions for their companies. I love achieving positive results for BarterPay here in Ottawa and I love working as a part of a team. I can honestly say that my clients benefit from my passion, professionalism and determination - I am a man who never gives up!

I have a B.A. with thesis in Communications and Marketing from the University of Salerno, Italy.  I also have a Master's certificate in Transportation Management, Public Transportation from the University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria, Italy.  I was a Marketing Coordinator in Ottawa for several years where I promoted and marketed notary services to clients, co-ordinated promotional material and campaign content, managed the company website and coordinated a number of events.

I love to spend my free time with my family; my wife and my two children are a great source of happiness for me.  I love sports and am an avid soccer player. I also enjoy cycling, tennis, swimming, and sailing.  I am a North American Sommelier Association certified sommelier and have a great passion for wines and spirits. I routinely organize wine tasting and events in restaurants across Ottawa. True to my roots, I am also a volunteer with the Italian Canadian Youth Formation Center here in Ottawa.