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Marc Lamarche

Marc Lamarche



I acquired the BarterPay Ottawa rights in the beginning of  2014 and continue my passion to grow the Ottawa Trading community.  The trading business model attracted me to BarterPay and I could see the potential in growing a strong Ottawa network. The opportunity to work with SME's and business owners from the local community is extremely rewarding. BarterPay has become an efficient platform for businesses to reach other businesses across Canada, growing their own client base and network. It is very fulfilling to connect vendors and buyers and see the benefits of trade deals boosting local businesses.   Every day I meet local business trading allies and partners, understanding their business and needs and gathering a better understanding on how to grow their business.  Our clients benefit from our business know how, our coaching, our business development mindset, our advertising mindset and also we consistently show our clients where and how to effectively spend their TRADEdollars increasing their cash flow. 

I am a graduate from Electronics Engineering Technology at Algonquin College in Ottawa.  I spent 25 years in progressive R&D & service roles in the Telecom Industry with Mitel, Nortel, Alcatel and in 2006 founded MPLC Networks Corporation, a B2B Sales Engineering Consulting Firm contracted to LEA Paris.  I founded Sunglade Venture Group, a Real Estate Investment Firm in 2012. I have worked in Australia, France, China and Poland, and I have won numerous Customer Service and R&D Awards while in the Telecom Service Industry, all related to serving and helping customers. 

I live an active life enjoying sports such as baseball, hockey, golf, volleyball, tennis.  I love to spend time with friends and family and enjoying an active life with my 2 sons, Kevin and Corey.  I enjoy music, playing guitar, and am also a handyman, a skill set dating back from time spent on the family dairy farm. I have traveled extensively across 40+ Countries and love experiencing exotic customs, cultures and languages.  I have also spent many years volunteering as a minor baseball and hockey coach.