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Mark Da Silva

Mark Da Silva



I have been with BarterPay since August 2011, in pretty well all roles.  My background fit so much that I had a close friend say that I should look into barter exchanges. I enjoy both connecting and marketing business owners with things they want & need.  I appreciate new relationships and what you can learn from them.   I like seeing businesses that use barter do things they didn't consider before that enhances their business and personal lifestyle. I think clients benefit from working with us because we value their time and don't give generic service.  We really get to know them and their vision and thrive to add value from every interaction with them. 

I am LLQP certified and licensed with the financial services commission of Ontario for 7 years.  I have experience in personal financial planning, networking, client relations, portfolio management, problem solving, marketing, small business consulting, training & development. I have received the  500,000 Volume Club Award & Distinguished Service Award from BarterPay.

I like to travel, cook, support music and play guitar in my personal time.  I have participated in several cancer fundraising events including 100km bike ride (Ride the Rideau) because who doesn't know someone who has been affected.