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Sionne Roberts

Sionne Roberts

New Brunswick

Born and raised in Moncton, I have been fortunate to assist organizations with acquiring clients, growing revenues and improving operational efficiencies throughout my entire career.  This includes businesses of all sizes in various locations across Canada, within the USA as well as the United Kingdom. As a result, I've learned a great deal about how to drive growth in a cost-effective manner, so when I learned about the BarterPay concept it was very appealing to me.

Having lived/worked "away" for many years I am happy to be back in Atlantic Canada once again, close to family and friends with an opportunity to introduce BarterPay to the New Brunswick market. 

We have a GREAT team that is looking forward to showing local businesses how they can leverage BarterPay for reaching new customers in addition to acquiring valuable goods and services...without using cash in the process!