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BarterPay Southern Alberta Story

BarterPay first entered the Southern Alberta in 1998, several of those early clients are still members today.  Some of the early members still bartering today are B & L Lawn Maintenance, and Blondie's.  In early 2016, we caught up with them to find out how their Barterapy experience was going.

"My husband is a long time business owner and BarterPay member. I got introduced to all of this when we got married one and half years ago. I must say that it was something that I learned to love very much very quickly. One year ago I started working in our family business and became BarterPay addicted. BarterPay is a fantastic way to promote and support local business. With the economy so slow, it is nice to keep our money locally. BarterPay has allowed people to try our company for our services and it has really allowed me to try other local services available to me. Because of BarterPay, I have tried personal services which I know that I would otherwise have not. I now always try to do all of my business with BarterPay members if at all possible. I have been very pleased with the services that have been available to me and the people that I have met have been fantastic. I can not express how much I love being a BarterPay member and I 100% recommend this to every business owner!!

BarterPay you rock!! You bring local people and local business together! Great service, great people, great experience!!!!!"  - Dee-Ann, B & L Lawn Maintenance

"BarterPay has helped us a lot in advertising,meeting the members for their imput and support, posting on their site,selling different items. Char and the team really go to work for us everytime,very friendly,great team work" - Joyce, Blondies Gift and Garden Centre

One of the other early clients was Icy Mountain Water Co., which joined in 1999.  Icy Moutain is the largest (and best) water bottle delivery service in Medicine Hat and bartering helped get them there.  The owners of Icy, Neil and Charlotte Bonogofsky really understood how to make the most of bartering through BarterPay and in 2010 were looking for an opportunity to partner with their daughter Brandy in another business.   After finding out that the franchise was available, they decided to move forward with purchasing the franchise and help other business owners succeed by the utilizing barter to its fullest potential.  

The BarterPay clients in Medicine Hat are among the most active in the whole country, most months 85%+ of the accounts participate in at least one barter transaction.  This exceeds the BarterPay target of 75% and crushes the industry average of 50%.

Charlotte and Brandy love working for their members and hosting events for their clients to network at.   They both enjoy seeing their client's successes.