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I have gained new clients from being a member, along with exposure.

-Isabel Hansen - Prairie Sprinter Shuttle (Joined 2013)

We have been able to convert vacant weeks in our summer home into a wide range of great goods & services for the business as well as for our personal use.

-Keith Cumming - Prime Way Group (Joined 2001)

Being a member of BarterPay Regina has helped grow our business during slower months of the year (ie. winter) and introduce us to an entire network of like-minded businesses in Regina and area. Having a BarterPay account is kind of like a mini-spending account that we use for things we typically wouldn't buy with cash. We buy things like car washes, restaurant gift cards and many other items that we likely wouldn't "splurge" on if it wasn't on Trade. It's also a nice perk to use Trade to purchase some personal needs as well. Overall, we have had an excellent experience with Dan and crew at BarterPay Regina and recommend them for all businesses!

-Monte Dobson - Rapid Lawn Hydroseeding & Landscaping (Joined 2013)

Sara has been great at getting us up and running BarterPay. As a result we have increased our business with committed long term clients, and those are the best kind. I have also utilized my Trade dollars for marketing materials. What a pleasure to get business done and not have to write a check!

-Dr. Leesa Sanchez - Return to Health Chiropractic (Joined 2015)

It has brought in several long lasting clients.

-Rhonda Sparks - Rhonda Sparks RMT (Joined 2013)

Create new business and makes you to try new things, meet new people.

-Chris Catsiapis - Rialto Restaurant (Joined 1996)

Barterpay has offered me the potential to secure new business that I otherwise wouldn't have known about.

-Marc Decosse - Royal Lepage Landco (Joined 2015)

We've been able to gain new customers that we wouldn't have had which in turns provides exposure for our company and services. At the same time we've been able to use our trade dollars to purchase some great items for our business and personal as well.

-Terry Holdershaw - Scotia Entertainment Services (Joined 2014)

Being a member of Barterpay has been so beneficial, both to myself and to my business in just the few short months that I have been a member. I feel like I have a whole new network of people available to me, and that we are all able and wanting to help each other. It feels like a community to me. And let's be honest, I also really like shopping, and spending my trade dollars!

-Jenn Galloway - A Day In The Life Photography (Joined 2015)

Zip Signs has been able to generate new business it wouldn't otherwise have had and in return been able to purchase goods and services we would have already purchased with cash.

-Isaac Hoogland - Zip Signs LTD (Joined 2014)
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