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Barterpay as help us promote our products and gain new customers. I love the savings I get from getting my nails done to a nice dinner. Travel in different cities and even get work done on our business building. I love the concept. I have met great people and entrepreneurs that has help me grow my business. Thank you Barterpay :)

-Carol Bouchard - Country Basics North (Joined 2014)

Once I figured out how to spend my trade $ i have really enjoyed it. Also i have met many very nice people who have business', like to meet like minded folks like yourself.

-Beverly Skinner - All Seasons Kennels (Joined 2003)

there has generally always been an item, certificate, service that will assist the business. During down times we have been able to use trade and not dollars. Great to have available to us

-Sheldon Kofsky - Jordan Village Guest Manor (Joined 2007)

It has helped us move some product and opened us up to new trades people we hadn't used in the past.

-Rob Cook - Amron Construction (Joined 2012)

Incredibly well! Every month I'll always have surplus page count inventory and Barterpay will always take some of this thus increasing my revenues where I would otherwise have lost them at a fractional cost to me.

-Sam Mumford - Money Saver Niagara (Joined 2010)

We have been able to use services and purchase products for our business (and personal) at essentially reduced prices. Barterpay has opened doors for sales that we may not have originally got and Barterpay also creates instant networking with businesses you may not have had any contact with before. Dealing with Barterpay has been nothing but a win win for us, and we have been a member for 15 years, so believe me, it works!

-Lee Tremblay - Softub Canada (Joined 2000)

Being a member of Barterpay has allowed me to gain new customers that otherwise I would not have gotten. Also allowed me to take my trade dollars and use them for business expenses, Christmas parties vehicle repairs advertising taking customers and staff to lunch used as gifts for staff members, part of their benefits. Enjoyed many evenings out through trade Corporation golf tournaments fundraisers for stroke many things dental thing as a self-employed people don't have great organization

-Chris Mason - Tell A Phone Guy Inc (Joined 2000)

It has been great, I've aquired many items to help me with recognition for my Team of Consultants and also business tools to help my business grow. Also many items that have enriched my personal family life as well.

-Joan Hepburn - Steeped Tea (Joined 2014)

Allowed us to use our Trade dollars to purchase advertising and other business needs with our Trade dollars. Also allows us to purchase things for personal use that we may not otherwise without having to take money from the business.

-Gerry T Okimi - Turf King Hamilton Halton Haldimand (Joined 1996)

Being a Barterpay member has been a tremendous benefit for me. The Barterpay team has worked very hard to generate new business for me resulting in a substantial amount of trade business and spin off jobs that have generated a lot of cash business. My business was fairly new to Medicine Hat and joining Barterpay gave me a lot of exposure at a key time for my company. Joining Barterpay has been very rewarding for me both financially and also has given me the opportunity to meet some very good people.

-Brent Weeres - Associated Renovations (Joined 2014)
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