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We have seen new customers come through our doors as a result of Barterpay and as well we have been introduced to locally operated businesses that we can utilize. The option of trade dollars will often help to lessen the impact on our cashflow when unexpected expenses arise.

-Laura Dutka - Paramount DaySpa Salon & Boutique (Joined 2013)

It has allowed me to be able to deal in barter without having to do direct trades but rather it has opened up a large group with which to trade my services

-Becky Lockyer - Tailwind Consulting Group (Joined 1996)

Being a part of Barterpay has opened up our market to people and companies that were not open to us before.

-Rod Buell - Sunview Solariums Ltd. (Joined 2014)

The most valuable benefit we have experienced since becoming a Barterpay member has been networking. We have met many new people that we would otherwise probably have not met. The exponential potential for new clients, both within the Barterpay organization and outside of it, are not measurable and priceless. I recommend Barterpay to any business owner who is looking to grow their business and clientele base.

-Jeff McGee - The Grounds Guys (Joined 2014)

We have benefited from Barterpay as an additional source of income, and source of new customers. It is a great networking opportunity for us as well, being able to connect with other businesses, who require our services, or do what we do.

-Pamela Garcia - Arise Renovations (Joined 2014)

We have been able to use our trade dollars to complete many projects that we may not have been able to had it not been for trade dollars. We use our excess inventory, sell it on trade, then use this trade-dollars to invest in projects. It has been excellent for our business.

-Clinton Beck - Beck Antiques & Jewellery (Joined 2014)

Saved us a tremendous amount of cash and has helped get us business where we typically would not have had opportunities

-Rob Chaput - Firedupovens (Joined 2013)

Being a Barterpay member has benefited us by exposing our business to those that may not have considered using our services prior to us signing up. We have been able to make connections within the local business market and have also benefited from the perks of using Trade dollars within out community.

-Parie Smith - Home Helpers Canada (Joined 2015)

We have been able to improve our business and homes using the services you provide without actually using money from our bank accounts. When we accepted Barterpay we were able to bring in a new clientele that would not have normally come in.

-Jessica malone - Hooligans sports bar (Joined 2008)

Barterpay dollars go to administrative needs allows us to focus on helping those affected by cancer

-Anita Woodard - HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre (Joined 2013)
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