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Barterpay has benefited our business in many ways. Extra income, exposure to local businesses that never would have heard of us, networking through trade contacts, and meeting many wonderful business owners who are always willing to help with advice and suggestions how to better our service.

-Kyle Healey-Ogden - Kyles transportation ltd (Joined 2015)

It has been a tremendous help. We sell thousands of dollars in gift certificates each year, and we continue to regularly see new customers. This has resulted in better sales and an ever increasing network for our client base.

-Jason Szalai - Little Caesars (Joined 2012)

It has enabled me to establish new relationships both personally and through my business. It has created a business network that has increased my sales
and referrals.

-Dan Swiaty - Minuteman Press, Stoney Creek (Joined 2003)

We have had the opportunity to networks with great business people in the area and therefore gain exposure and new business relationships.

-Cheryl Hirsch - Mojo Photo (Joined 2013)

I can use trade dollars to purchase items that I give to employees and customers. I entertain clients at restaurants that are members.

-Donny Lee - My Job Finder inc (Joined 2014)

It has allowed me to keep my expenses lower by using trade dollars to purchase many of my needed services such as auto repairs website development and general repairs.

-Mike Schultz - New Hope Chiropractic (Joined 2014)

It's great to be able to acquire things we would normally buy for our business through Barterpay, and save our cash! Love working with Mark!

-Nancy Schappert - Niagara Inflatables & Games Inc. (Joined 2007)

We are a small home-base business with little to no advertising requirements. We have a steady, growing clientele in a niche market. The quality of our product and commitment to excellence keep us forging ahead in a competitive market. Barterpay allows us to meet a vast range of clientele which for the most part would not cross paths with us. Along with meeting with a number of new clients we have the opportunity to stay busy during the odd slow spell. We are proud to be part of the Barterpay family.

-Nick Napolitano - NN Sign Arts (Joined 2011)

Able to buy products without using cash. Exposure to items that I wouldn't think of purchasing.

-Moe Rehman - Spotlight Optical (Joined 2013)

Barterpay has allowed us to reach customers that wouldn't normally know of us or try our services. We have gained many longstanding customers through Barterpay.

-Michelle Matthews - Splat Graphics (Joined 2002)
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