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BarterPay Winnipeg Story

In December 2016, BarterPay Winnipeg was launched with local ambassadors Glen Buhler and Mike Knoll from Today's Executive Network (a large local networking group).  After adding 30 or so members by March 2017, the decision was made to acquire Canadian Barter Systems, which had been operating in Winnipeg for over 15 years.  Cheryl Ibbotson, a broker for over 10 years with BarterPay, has been dedicated to the Winnipeg region, as BarterPay increases the trading in the region.

Cheryl is now in the process of integrating those members into the network and continuing to grow with new members.

BarterPay president John Porter is interviewing candidates for local ownership of the BarterPay Winnipeg franchise.

The characteristics of good candidate franchisee:

1) Driven and hardworking

2) Willingness to dedicate a full time effort

3) Strong passion for helping business owners succeed and putting together deals

4) Honest and high integrity

5) Ability to build a capable team 

6) Values teamwork with fellow franchisees